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Cybersecurity Executive Order


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On May 12 2021 President Biden signed an Executive Order charting a new course to improve the nation’s cybersecurity and protect federal government networks. Here are the key takeaways from the Executive Order:

  1. It sets requirements and milestones for Federal governmental departments and agencies to allocate resources to implement improvements in cybersecurity.
  2. It increases requirements for vendors seeking contracts to comply with more rigid security standards and practices.
  3. While the Executive Order is only enforced on the federal government and their supply chain, it is highly anticipated that these standards will be adopted by broader categories.
  4. Federal agencies will be required to adopt zero-trust architectures and end-point detection tools.
  5. It requires and establishes milestones for NIST to update and expand security frameworks and controls.
  6. Barriers to sharing threat information will be removed.
  7. The Department of Homeland Security will establish a national Cyber Safety review board.
  8. It focuses on improving the ability to identify and remediate vulnerabilities.
  9. Greater scrutiny of the software supply chain’s security practices which focus on network segmentation, multi-factor authentication, encryption, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and automation will be required.

The Executive Order can be read in full here . To discuss actions government vendors will need to take to comply with the new security standards and practices, contact the MAP CyberSecure team on (818) 789 1179.

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