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Technology companies have had a dramatic impact on the business landscape. They have changed the way we view compensation models, how and where products are sold and how to develop and manage intellectual property. As a result, blockchain, crypto currencies, cyber security, digital transformation, data analysis and data storage present opportunities and challenges in today’s business world.

These changes have also had a dramatic effect on the financial aspects of software developers and information technology based companies. Martini Partners, LLP works with technology companies of all shapes and sizes, from software developers to e-commerce companies. Our clients are at various stages in the business life cycle from start-ups raising capital, to merging with or acquiring another entity, to planning their exit from the market place.

Our experience in software and technology has enabled us to provide a unique set of services far beyond traditional tax and accounting services. For example, as technology companies grow, so too, does their tax burden. We offer a range of strategic tax planning, structuring and reporting services to maintain compliance and minimize obligations.

Our expertise enables us to consult with software and technology clients in specialized areas such as:

  • Global Market Financial Issues & Taxation
  • Research and Development Tax Credit Planning
  • Technical and Governmental Compliance Issues
  • Emerging Market Growth Opportunities
  • M&A and Divestitures

Critical to our success in this industry has been our team’s ability to work closely with clients, understanding the potential of new and emerging technologies, then strategically planning for profit maximization and tax reduction. We see every client as a unique entity with unique challenges, opportunities and goals.

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