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Griffith Observatory overlooking Los Angeles
Griffith Park Observatory by Team Member Krista Kontor

Real Estate

The recent economic environment has caused dramatic swings of planning, process and profitability in the world of real estate. What was once one of the more predictable industries has become one of the least. Residential and commercial development have been dramatically affected, as have consumers’ access to capital and financing.

There are many stakeholders in the industry with different objectives. Our clients work across all domains in the real estate industry including:

  • Developers
  • Investors
  • Lenders
  • Syndicators

The professionals at Martini Partners, LLP collectively have decades of real estate tax and accounting experience. Over the two decades we have been in business we have built a real estate network which includes bankers, attorneys and financial advisors. Our network supports our clients to raise capital and obtain specialized advice for complex real estate projects.

From individuals with single properties to conglomerates with vast commercial real estate portfolios, we know what kind of tax, cash flow and purchase / sell issues you have to deal with every day. Whether real estate is a business, or just a part of your business, you can look to the trusted advisors at Martini Partners, LLP to help you gain ground in today’s challenging real estate market.

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