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Consumer & Industrial Products

In today’s world, businesses are operating in a highly competitive and dynamic market place. There are multiple opportunities and risks in an environment which is constantly shifting. Optimizing big data, omni-channel sales and services, cyber security, virtual currency and tax reform are a few of the opportunities and concerns on our clients’ minds.

Our clients range from entrepreneurial start-ups to multinational organizations in the following sectors.

  • With the growth of e-commerce, many retail sectors have seen a decline in traditional brick and mortar physical outlets and a transformation in the way consumers shop for goods and services. These changes have also brought along transformed expectations in terms of customer service, taking convenience to a new level.
  • Today’s manufacturers and distributors face continually increasing challenges to profitability. Global competition now affects companies large and small. Labor and raw material costs continue to rise, and customers have more options for production and sourcing than ever before. Changes in channel distribution have created entirely new venues of distribution. And consumers are demanding faster and better ways to get hold of products and services.
  • While the garment and textile industries have been around for centuries, the industry has been transformed in recent years by the rapid changes we see in sourcing, style and fashion-driven products. In today’s economy, market pressures are increasing, as are the needs to stay current in every facet of business operations.
  • Changing demographics, demand for locally sourced items, food safety and sustainability are just a few of the challenges facing the food and beverage industry. Businesses must be able to act quickly to take advantage of new trends and opportunities.
  • The boom in the construction industry in recent years has led to rapid growth in supply which has created a highly competitive market. Businesses must streamline their operations and eliminate unnecessary costs in order to remain competitive.
  • Franchisors require diligent, accurate and timely financial accounting and documentation. Improper documentation or other problems can cause delays or loss of revenue, franchise sale issues and even legal situations. Today franchisors in all 50 states must include audited financial statements in accordance with Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) requirements.

Our accountants and advisors rely on their decades of experience to provide powerful tax, accounting, audit and business consulting services to help their clients grow and thrive. We can help you understand and improve your business by using your data to find profitable market niches, reduce costs, streamline operations and drive profitable growth in a competitive industry. As trusted advisors to many firms, we help solve challenges with timely financial reporting, and key business consulting services to not only maximize profits, but to minimize tax liability.

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